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Before you set up new campaign, please read the content below carefully and contact our staffs for acquiring the application form.

Hello, welcome to the set up campaigns page of Bithelp! Bithelp, initiated by many well-known institutions around the world, is a blockchain and cryptocurrency based cross-border rescue platform. It mission is to enable anyone who has encountered disasters and plight can call for global assistance on the platform and obtain enough financial support and rescue resources in time.

Campaigns are divided into 2 groups by a goal to raise US $10000 dollars.

To raise less than US $ 10,000:To balance the time requirement for the rescue and the procedure, we will only verify the authenticity of the campaign initiator’s identity, not including the authenticity of the project and the implementation of the project. Consequently Bithelp Platform will not be responsible for any corresponding consequences. The campaign initiator should disclose all related documents to proof the authenticity of the campaign and the community will judge its reliability by using HP to vote. The result can be used as a reference for donors.

To raise more than US $ 10,000:Campaign initiators are required to provide a HP guarantee for its donation at a ratio of US $ 1: 1HP . (If the initiator does not have HP, he can ask for a guarantee from platform initiators or trust nodes.) The supervision committee will check the whole fundraising process and the fund raised after the goal of the fundraising has being achieved.

If you have a request for setting up a donation campaign, please contact the staff and get the registration form.