About US

1.What is Bithelp ?

Bithelp that initiated by many well-known institutions around the world is a blockchain and cryptocurrency based cross-border rescue platform.

Bithelp mission: Enable anyone who has encountered disasters and plight can call for global assistance on the platform and obtain enough financial support and rescue resources in time.

2.How to set up a Donation Campaign?

To set up your donation campaigns, you need to meet specific eligible requirements. Different materials are required depending on the amount your campaign plans to raise.

To raise less than US $ 10,000:To balance the time requirement for the rescue and the procedure, we will only verify the authenticity of the campaign initiator’s identity, not including the authenticity of the project and the implementation of the project. Consequently Bithelp Platform will not be responsible for any corresponding consequences.The campaign initiator should disclose all related documents to proof the authenticity of the campaign and the community will judge its reliability by using HP to vote. The result can be used as a reference for donors.

To raise more than US $ 10,000:Campaign initiators are required to provide a HP guarantee for its donation at a ratio of US $ 1: 1HP .

3.What is Help Points ?

In order to standardize the management of initiators and their use of funds, as well as to encourage caring people to actively participate in charity, we use HP to achieve community self-management. HP is short for HelpPoints. The total supply of HelpPoints is 1 billion. HP is a kind of points that is fundamentally different from traditional digital currency , and is not for payment and transaction purposes. HP reflects what the holders do for the Bithelp community and how dedicate they have made contribution to the community. Also points are applied in the self-management of public welfare projects and the love transmission of public welfare businesses. We have registered the HelpPoints trademark in many countries around the world . Without permission and authorization, no organization or institution may list HP on any cryptocurrency exchanges.

4.How to settle when the campaign is finished?

If the campaign plans to raise less than US $ 10,000, the platform will transfer the fund has being raised to the campaign initiator directly, and disclose financial information such as transfer records after the goal of the fundraising has being achieved;

If the the campaign plans to raise more than US $10,000, the supervision committee will check the whole fundrasing process and the fund raised after the goal of the fundraising has being achieved. After that, the platform will transfer the fund to the campaign initiator, and disclose financial information such as the transfer record;

For the sake of compliance, Bithelp does not accept donations in fiat currency, but prefer compliant cryptocurrency exchanges, VISA cards, and other trusted third-party payment institutions to provide fast-track channels for campaign initiators. At the same time, we encourage more suppliers to accept cryptocurrency payment directly.

5.How to donate goods ?

Bithelp, as an innovative global public welfare assistance platform, accepts in-kind donations and the initiation of in-kind donations, please contact: service@bithelp.io;

6.The security of Bithelp Platform?

The first version of the Bithelp Platform is developed by an experienced blockchain team and all of those members have 5+ years experience in the security field .

The client end supports secondary authentication, captcha verification, withdrawal check, and login reminder. The underlying infrastructure supports professional security services, WAF, one-way encrypted password, bastion machine, firewall, VPN, and login credentials.

Wallet management: separation of hot and cold wallets, real-time automated reconciliation, data risk control and manual review .

The platform is expected to store more than 90% of its assets in cold wallets. The cold wallet plan ensure digital assets in escrow by digital banks or compliant exchanges or other trusted third-party institutions.

7.The compliance of Bithelp Platform?

Currently,the key initiator Asia Blockchain Foundation, registered in HongKong, will administrate the Bithelp platform in the early stage.

Given cryptocurrencies donation for public welfare is not under regulated across the world, we will consult the opinions of professional lawyers and institutions to actively explore compliance process and set branches in the cryptocurrency-friendly areas .

As a innovative project, Bithelp does not accept fiat currencies, but only accepts cryptocurrency donations. The platform has a variety of audit mechanisms such as KYC. The supervision committee has a total of 10 supervision accounts to supervise the fund of the platform. All financial information will be regularly updated and disclosed as a form of the financial statement by the supervision committee.