About US

1.What is Bithelp Platform?

Bithelp (www.bithelp.io) is a global digital charitable platform jointly created by South-South Cooperation Financial Center and Taiyi Group. Bithelp is a blockchain and cryptocurrency based cross-border rescue platform.

Bithelp mission: Enable anyone encountering disasters and plight to call for help on the platform and obtain enough financial support and resources in time.

2.Special fund strategy of Bithelp Platform

Bithelp Platform invites professionals and well-known institutions to form the Bithelp Supervisory Committee to supervise the use of the fund. The platform would not withhold any funds, i.e once the fund-raising is completed, the fund would immediately be released to rescue objects.

Project initiators are required to be authenticated by the Bithelp Supervisory Committee. Completed projects shall be disclosed immediately to let volunteers around the world verify the project authenticity. After the project is completed, all procurement agreements, implementation details, and certificates of use of funds will be made available on the platform and uploaded to the blockchain.

3.Types and conversion methods of fund-raising assets on Bithelp Platform

Bithelp Platform itself does not accept fiat currency donations, but it can recommend cryptocurrency exchanges, VISA card, and third-party payment platforms to provide a fast-track for project sponsors. At the same time, we also encourage more suppliers to accept payment in digital currency directly.

4.Bithelp Points HP

In order to promote more standardized management of donors and the use of their funds as well as inspire people to actively participate in charity , we use Bithelp Points HP which is short for Help Points. HP, a kind of blockchain-based charitable points fundamentally different from traditional digital currency, is not for payment and transaction purposes. HP cannot be purchased with fiat currency. Instead, HP can only be obtained through donations and volunteering.

5.Technical advantages of Bithelp Platform

The first version of the Bithelp Platform is developed by an experienced blockchain team and all of those members have 5+ years of experience in the security field .

The client end adopts secondary authentication, captcha verification, withdrawal check, and login reminder. The underlying part supports professional security services, WAF, one-way encrypted password, bastion machine, firewall, VPN, and login credentials.

Wallet management: hot and cold wallets separation, real-time automated reconciliation, data risk control and manual audit.

The platform is expected to store more than 90% of its assets in cold wallets. The cold wallet plan ensure digital assets in escrow by digital banks or compliant exchanges or other trusted third-party institutions .